Skin Detector
Skin Detector
time:2019-04-26 10:02:45

Product Features:

1: Wireless WIFI Oral Endoscope, which can watch real-time video with WiFi wireless connection of Apple mobile phone and Android mobile phone

2: Viewable skin, hair

3. Photographs, videos, playback

4:8 adjustable ILED lamps

5: Transmission distance 5-10 meters

6:2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

7: Resolution: 1600*1200 1280*720 640*480

8: Power supply: built-in 2000 mA lithium battery

9: Power DC 5V Charging

10: Supports capturing pictures: picture format JPEG format

11: Supporting Video Recording: Video Format: AVI

12: Support System: Android IOS

13:Size: 55.7*89mm