Oral endoscopy
WIFI Oral endoscopy
time:2019-04-27 15:05:36

Product Features:

Wireless WIFI Oral Endoscope, which can watch real-time video with WiFi wireless connection of Apple mobile phone and Android mobile phone。

Ultra-small lens, high-definition pixels, easy access to the ear canal, see more clearly.

6 The dimmer button control box with adjustable brightness of LED lamp can meet your needs.

Suitable for daily cleaning care, ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal. It can also be used for pet ear cleaning care.

A necessary tool for every family.


Special attention, ultra-small distance to see more clearly.

Multifunctional, can check not only the ear canal, but also the eardrum, mouth, gum, throat, nasal cavity, scalp, hair root and other body parts.

Ear scoops are longer, thinner and easier to use.

The battery can be recharged and used without replacement. WiFi signal is smooth within 5 meters.


Connection: Apple Mobile and Android Mobile

Lens: 3.9mm

Pixel: 2 million

Focal length: 1.7cm

Material: Plastics, Metals