Android Endoscope

7mm 2M Android endoscope

Features: *Smallsize,lightweight,powerfulandsmart. *IP67Waterproofcamera *6pcsadjustablewhiteLEDlightsfornightvision. *Suitableforhard-to-reachinspection. *Withamicrotousbline,itcanalsobeusedforcomputers. *Cancapturepicture,recordvideoandsa
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* Small size, light weight,powerful and smart .
*IP67 Waterproof camera
* 6pcs adjustable white LED lights for night vision.
* Suitable for hard-to-reach inspection.
*With a micro to usb line,it can also be used for computers.
* Can capture picture,record video and save the video on your computer and Android mobile phone,
the whole process of record check,convenient observation and follow-up annalysis.
* Only work with Androd system phone, does Not support iOS system;Your Android Phone must support 
OTG function,and must support to connect external camera.

Used on Phone 
Method of Application 
Scan the QR code on the Manual to install APP, or from CD install App , or Download link to install App
then an icon appears on mobile desktop, clik on the icon, the product is available to use.
We provide two sofrware for everyone to choose. More convenient for your use. 

Another menthod to download APP,you directly open this link:

Used on Computer
Connect the camera to the PC through the tieline, then install the software of the CD on PC. Then you can use it. 
We provide four sofrware for your use.
  Resolution 640 * 4801280*720only on PC
  Camera  1/6'' VGA CMOS
  Rrame rate 30FPS
  Camera outside diameter 5.5mm  7mm   9mm 
  USB cable length 1M~5M
  Focal distance 3-10cm-infinite
  Angle of view 60 °
  Auxiliary light source 6 LED Bright light
  LED Adjustable lightness switch
  Interface Android / USB 2.0
  Waterproof Capacity IP67
  Video format AVI
  Picture format VGA/QVGA
  Video System PAL/NTSC
  Operation System Android phone ,Tablet;                 Windows 2000/7/8/10/Vista