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USB camera can't identify solutions
Date:2016-04-14 Click:
Method one: PM - run - type regsvr32 Quartz. DLL just run successfully with respect to OK method 2: first, the first uninstall your old ways to uninstall program: right click on the "my computer" - "properties" - the "hardware" - "device manager" or press Ctrl + F1 directly, and then open the "universal serial bus controller", the following "Usb Root Hub" is deleted.And open "control panel" add or remove programs "is there a camera application such as vm301 uninstall program 2, and then restart, will find new hardware after restart, don't choose to automatically install at this moment, and then click" next ", then "search the floppy disk, CD ROM" tick, rid of all the rest of the hook.And put on a CD, do not install the driver from the CD.Let the system automatically search.So it can be installed successfully. 
So choose the right click "computer" Windows 7 system, then attributes, point to open, you will see the inside has a "device manager" "universal serial bus controller" is a "USB root Hub" the delete and then plug in our camera, computer will automatically install can use